I'm writing a little late, but that's traveling.
So we changed hotells in Bangkok and then I wanted to go out and be a tourist.
First I got tricked by a tuk-tuk driver that it was way too far to walk to the royal palace and then it ended up being right by where I was living. I payed 70B which is like 2 dollars or 15kr but still, not cool to trick ppl. 

I tried jackfruit, it was alright.

I got there and it was least they let me take one picture from the outside >:S

I was a little confused and annoyed since I just payed a tuk-tuk for no reason and I didn't know where I was so I was going to go to some other temple and was asking a different tuk-tuk driver for advice. He ended driving me around all of Bangkok for free. Apparently they promote different places if they take you around to the different things you can see there so they get free gas or something. This is why travel blogs are a good idea to read! 

He took me to a few tourist spots and some temples all for free. 

 I don't know if it was always what you were supposed to do, because it was some sort of celebration holiday buddha thing but this woman showed me how to properly do the...ceremony.
You took one flower, two candles, then three incence.

                                                                   You pick a flower.

Put it with the rest of the flowers, light you're two candles (I couldn't get a good picture), then you light you're three incense. 

                                                                 This was the inside


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