Got to Koh Chang

I'm gonna write about everything but I'm just enjoying this island so much I can't write it right now. It's amazing here, I've seen an elephant, a new family at our new abode, just heaven. We randomly made a friend from Sweden saturday night that was going to this island with his family the next morning. Since we couldn't find our friends that are going to a different island with we figured why not? We wanted to get to some jungle and now we are in the jungle. The place we are staying at is amazing and everyone is a big family. It's like living in tropical tree houses for 150B per night which is 4 USD and 40kr per day. I was wrong about everything being more expensive than India. I honestly think everything might be cheaper...I've just been spending money on...all kinds of things, haha shopping, pampering and tattoos. The photos below are our trip on the boat to the island and then some of our new family at our new home.


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