Dalma Left :(

A lot of things have been happening. I haven’t had a lot of internet. I’m so thankful for getting to know Dalma, she is my sister. Hannes had a concert at a place called the Shooting Star we’ve been at, it’s close to my new place. Dalma and Ziombe had mixed up the days until they left so they had to leave one day earlier. Yesterday. Dalma gave me a copy of ”the prophet” which is one of my favorite books. I’m always bad at getting presents for people, but I appreciate them! Now I’m living with Jon that was room mates with our friends Leon and Davide. They went south to an ashram. There is a Russian brother and sister that live here too, everyone is really musical and interesting. Helene is here too, she’s a random girl that is funny and we’ve been hanging out. She’s been sleeping here too, ha. We went swimming yesterday, everyone living here got burned. When we were on the beach a man walked by that gave out flyers for stuff he’s doing. Mondays at 3.45 he did passed life regressions and it was 3.40 so we figured we’d do that. We all had some different experiences, but it’s different for everyone. What I saw was mostly confusing but I understood some authoritative problems I have. 

We went back to the house which has a rooftop room that has a view of the sunset. Sam and Julia the brother and sister were home so we played music and then decided to go eat. I tried to help this guy out at Shooting Star that plays movies nightly on a projector, but our hard drives just wouldn’t work with each other. We ate at a place called Seven Sky that we have been going to and then we came back to the house, played some more music and drank a couple drinks. We all crashed out. 

When we got up this morning we all shared a papaya and drank some tea. Helene and I went swimming and then we all went to eat Thali which is what the natives usually eat every day. Apparently the food you get at the restaurants is like something they would eat at a wedding or a special event. It took an hour and a half to get our food, but eventually we got it and ate. Now I think everyone is home. Helene is doing Jons tarot cards. I want to go do some tutorials eventually. I don’t like that I’m leaving in a few days, but Thailand will be fun :)


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