Koh Chang

Yesterday Helen wanted to be alone and meditate, so I went down to check out the beach here.

I found a private part of the beach where I sat and read and also did some meditation by the rocks.

When I was done reading, I walked down the beach. I met a couple people randomly, one Isreali guy first and then a girl that I started talking to that I might meet on Ko Tao. I'm feeling really confused on where to go now, I have so many places I want to see. I guess I'll just see what happens.
I'm too lazy to edit the pictures because my neighbours woke me up at 3AM screaming in Thai. I was so exhausted since I haven't rested properly since I left India that I fell asleep at 9PM so I might try to go back to sleep after I download some movies AND THE NEW GAME OF THRONES. There's no bandwidth during the day...not really now either, but it is working. I got invited to a BBQ tomorrow with a bunch of people so that will be fun, I also rented a scooter (150B, almost 5 dollars or like 50kr) I think that's about the cheapest on the island. I got prices from 300-180 then my friend told me about this place. So here's some picture of me on a swing.

I saw a small snake! And some monkeys.

After I got back from the beach I ran into the Finnish guys that are going to Cambodia tomorrow...I guess today, they said come eat with them and then we went around on their scooters and went to a "waterfall" and did some jungle trekking, then we watched the sunset at one of the beaches on the island.


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