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Today is my last workday for a long time, sweet freedom. I've been looking at housing in Goa (Arambol) which looks beautiful btw. The prices are very reasonable for a whole apartment or huts by the beach. About ten dollars a day if you get a nicer one. Not bad.
That is a sight to behold. I'm getting so excited!

After work today, I'll meet up with some of my closest friends and cook dinner together. Then we're going to a hip hop show. More on that tomorrow maybe.


These are my last couple workdays before departure. I'm so happy I've done all of my preparation in good time so these last days aren't so hectic. I'm not feeling stressed at all, actually. What I have left to do: Go by the bank to pick up a second debit card to a new account (in case I lose my one debit card then I'm not screwed) and deposit some money I got for Christmas.Buy like a thousand pounds of dog food, treats, and toys for Bella. She's getting groomed today after work so she's clean for her sitters. I'm going to miss her so so so so much :(Call my phone provider to make sure I don't miss any payments while away.Try to figure out how much malaria medication I'm going to need? Everyone is telling me different's frustrating because the medication is supposed to be quite dangerous but I definitely don't want malaria.Spray down all my clothes with DEET which is so the mosquitoes don't bite through my clothes. Most of t…

Like Sloth

I haven't left the apartment like the whole time I've been home. First I got sick, which I'm still feeling a week later and now I'm just seizing the opportunity to be lazy before I'm busy traveling all the time. At least I've gotten a lot done when I've actually gone outside. I got five immunization shots which sucked, a tooth pulled out, blood drawn, a reunion with my long lost family (which I'm really excited about), several dinners, and a bunch of other things. That sounds like a lot, but I've been doing it all in short intense spurts :P

The weather in Stockholm was nice when I got here kind of like a winter wonderland, but now it's just gray and slushy...ugh.