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I've met a new crew again that are really fun and nice.
We got on our mopeds after meeting up at a café in town and headed to a beautiful beach.

Kuta Lombok

I love it here.
It might be my favorite place on all of my travels.
I really didn't understand it at first, since I got here at night and it's really small.
But it's absolutely beautiful.

I ended up staying a little bit outside of town which is potentially dangerous because people have been hitting tourists down with sticks and robbing them. I don't exactly have anything to rob but I don't want to get hit with a stick. I grabbed this place because it included a scooter for 120000R per day (9 dollars, 70kr) and also breakfast. My friend from Canggu and Gili was meant to come last night and then we'd be paying half of that, he ended up doing a diving certificate instead so I'm not sure when he'll come. That may be the best price I've gotten in all of Asia, though if you add him to the mix other than the drift in Vietnam, but it was so shabby there...

Leaving Gili

After lots of snorkeling, eating, and yoga I'm finally leaving this island to go to a different island. I'm going to Lombok now down to Kuta Lombok. Kuta Bali really sucks...I think that's where these people have been that hate Bali because I hate it too. Completely commercialized and kind of trashy, I guess like Cancun. I heard Lombok is wonderful so I'm excited. My last week, I'm going to treat myself like a queen :D

lost post

Just saw that the really long post I wrote disappeared into the void :(
It was really long, oh well.

Ramadan is driving me slightly insane.
I talked to a sweet man at a warung (the local eateries) that was a "good muslim". He was really dedicated and was telling me about why they do this. It's because they are meant to feel how a certain person in their religion felt when he was starving and poor and in turn make them more humble. I also talked to a "bad muslim" that seemed really confused. He's tired all the time and I don't think he's really interested in his religion by the way he talks about it. Very big contrast in the first and second conversation about their religion.

The part I don't understand is the volume at which they do their praying, five times per day starting at 3AM and ending with a 3-5 hour long session at around 7PM. My lord.

Anyways, me and my roomie went snorkeling yesterday and met some nice canadians and americans. There …

Gilli T

So I had a really terrible ride on the boat over, what is the problem first a monkey pees on my and then someone gets sick on me on the boat. So gross, I have never been that miserable in my life.
Anyways, there was a cool island in the middle of the ocean that had some grass and one tree:

The two people I was going to Gilli with couldn't get on the first boat so they came today, we were all going to share a room for 250000R including breakfast, private bathroom and porch with hammock:

 ...which is really good for this island but the girl (Sarah) had a room booked for her by her friend so she ended up staying there. It still ends up being around 9-10 dollars each so I guess it's okay.

I had a great week in Canggu and Uluwatu, made some good friends and had a nice surfey time to now have island life again. I love it, yoga, food, beach, reading, excited. I was going hop around the islands but I think we're just paddleboarding over to the different ones or doing day-trips sn…


So Changgu is really nice and tiny and chilled.

Laxy dayz

Lazy by me not being on my computer at all.
I've been surfing, eating, and doing yoga.
And hanging out with people from this hostel.
It's called The Temple.
Not very amazing pictures, I will take some more.

We went to breakfast this morning:

The total each was probably between 4-8 dollars. Then we wanted to go surfing but the waves were way too big so we just laid out and read etc.