Gilli T

So I had a really terrible ride on the boat over, what is the problem first a monkey pees on my and then someone gets sick on me on the boat. So gross, I have never been that miserable in my life.
Anyways, there was a cool island in the middle of the ocean that had some grass and one tree:

The two people I was going to Gilli with couldn't get on the first boat so they came today, we were all going to share a room for 250000R including breakfast, private bathroom and porch with hammock:

 ...which is really good for this island but the girl (Sarah) had a room booked for her by her friend so she ended up staying there. It still ends up being around 9-10 dollars each so I guess it's okay.

I had a great week in Canggu and Uluwatu, made some good friends and had a nice surfey time to now have island life again. I love it, yoga, food, beach, reading, excited. I was going hop around the islands but I think we're just paddleboarding over to the different ones or doing day-trips snorkeling.The water is the most beautiful I've seen this whole trip:

One of the horses swimming:

They drive around on horses and have no cars or mopeds, good for the environment idk how good for the horses. They look pretty sad :/ but then again that guy in the picture above is swimming with one so...I'm curious of where they have the horses?

So today we rented bicycles, met some nice people, ate and went to an EXTREME yoga class. This is the cheapest yoga I've been to the whole trip! 300000 for 5 classes, which is about 22 dollars or 150kr. So that is good. The girl today was a bit more like PT than a yoga class but I want some good workouts and have been varying the yoga I've been going a nice, extremely physical class can be nice.


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