finally got a charger/wifi

Bali is good to me.
I haven't got out of Ubud, but I'm definitely not in a hurry. I think I'm going to some mountains/volcano/lakes I'm not sure exactly...but I believe I'm going there this weekend.
I was going to go to the beach, but it doesn't feel like the time to go yet.
Here are some pictures:

That's Indonesian rice wine, it tastes like korean rice wine if that tells you anything. It's DELICIOUS. It's like fizzy, sweet, and cheap. 15000 Rupia..s? which is a little more than a dollar, probably 10kr. Everywhere is really nice...maybe a bit westernized but still beautiful.

Some Indonesian food: 

The price varies, but you can get a meal from between 8,000R to 75,000R. Like 50C to 7 dollars. I've been averaging out my whole meals including drinks and maybe some healthy dessert and it always ends up costing around 60kr for a big one. Around 8 dollars. I'm eating really healthy and going to diverse yoga classes. One was really intense a couple days ago and I didn't sleep that great last night so today I'm doing a relaxed yoga/meditation thing for 90 minutes. I bought a three class pass for about 30 dollars or 250kr. Not extremely cheap, but yoga seems to stay about the same price world wide. Even India and Laos has about the same prices. I've been going to this place called the yoga barn, it's beautiful and great but sometimes it feels like it's a bit trendy. You can't always escape that I've realized and maybe you don't need to. Everyone just wants to feel good. That's the only picture I got, below. There are like 5 different places to do yoga and almost every day there is a free hour long event or yoga that's a nice touch.

That is their cat. Strange fact, all the cats I've seen have short crazy tails. I have no idea what that's about. I'll update more...I have a lot of pictures and things to write about, but for now I need to get to my class :))))


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