Holy water

I went to a temple with holy water, I'm not really sure what that implies but as you can see the water is filled with locals so I felt a bit awkward getting in and did not proceed to do so.

This is definitely the country of statues and rituals. I like how they clothe the statues and put flowers everywhere...on the statues, tables, everywhere.

I wonder why we ladies have to tie our hair up??

Some of them are extremely creepy:

There are irrigation systems all over this part of Bali that kind of look like this:

They are everywhere, for the rice fields. A lot of the fields are converting to organic, they make more money and obviously it's better for the environment. All of the fields around my hosts school have converted to organic. I was going to volunteer there but it ended up being that I don't really have enough time, I don't even have enough time to see all of Bali. I will come back though, I'm happy taking it easy like I am :D 

Here are a couple pictures of the school. Each child has a patch of garden space that they can do what they want with. I think that is so good! There are two cats and a dog living there, and lots of goats. The cats play with the dog like they are dogs too. Really funny. I couldn't take very good pictures, I need my other lens to photograph the school...it's really beautiful anyways!


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