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Just saw that the really long post I wrote disappeared into the void :(
It was really long, oh well.

Ramadan is driving me slightly insane.
I talked to a sweet man at a warung (the local eateries) that was a "good muslim". He was really dedicated and was telling me about why they do this. It's because they are meant to feel how a certain person in their religion felt when he was starving and poor and in turn make them more humble. I also talked to a "bad muslim" that seemed really confused. He's tired all the time and I don't think he's really interested in his religion by the way he talks about it. Very big contrast in the first and second conversation about their religion.

The part I don't understand is the volume at which they do their praying, five times per day starting at 3AM and ending with a 3-5 hour long session at around 7PM. My lord.

Anyways, me and my roomie went snorkeling yesterday and met some nice canadians and americans. There are lots of canadians oot and aboot, but not very many americans. The snorkeling trip was okay, mostly to meet more people :) I think I should get some pictures from some go-pros.

I decided I want to paint these fish one by one, just have to get some art-space :D

After the snorkeling all of us walked to the other side of the island to watch the sunset.

This place had the first good cocktails I've had in a looong time:

After the sunset we went to the night market, my camera wasn't really behaving but I got a couple pictures..though a bit blurry:

One of these big fish ^ costs 50000R which is less than 5 dollars and maybe 35kr. You get rice and veggies too, I believe...and can share with two people. Cheap meal. 

Blurry picture, below. That stand costs 20000R which is 1.70$ or maybe 14kr and you get rice/noodles and four of the dishes. It's really good.

You can also add a skewer, 10000R for the small ones and maybe 15000R for the bigger ones.

These cakes are amazing and they all cost 5000R which isn't even 50C or 4kr.

We then proceeded to play the ever so popular game of beer pong:


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