Last few days

So I have been really busy and not had a lot of time or internet to be updating.
Bohol was really nice, with really nice people.

The day after the chocolate hills, we went to a bee farm that had a great restaurant right on the water. It was called Buzzzz's and they are all over Cebu and Bohol. That's the view:

I ate a spicy flower salad, I never knew you could eat bougainvilleas. 

Then we went to a cave/pool. The entrance was 25 pesos (around 50C.)

The day we climbed the mountain I didn't have my camera with me. It was a good workout and really beautiful, I just didn't want to carry the heavy camera.

This morning we (Lene, a girl from Norway and I) met up with an awesome couple from Chile that are also on their way to Bali. We ate breakfast (or they did, I ate a donut for breakfast since I decided I'm going to eat really healthy one I get to Bali I've only been eating junk-food >:) The couple's new place was really nice:

There was a couple adorable puppies there, we were melting.

The rest of the day was spent sunbathing and swimming on the beach and we finished up with eating lunch together then heading to the boat. Lene and I are at the sister hostel to Treats we were staying at on the other island. Now in Cebu again where three of us are flying out around the same time tomorrow so we can split a taxi, cha-ching. I just dyed my hair ;D


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