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Game of thrones starts in April, I'm not sure what this season 5 episode 0 is, it never finished downloading. I guess I'll see later.

People were still awake when I got up getting home from party party, then people started waking up so we're just hanging out. I did some research on maps to see where to travel and am trying to upload these ridiculous videos we're putting on the youtube channel. It ended up being called vikings abroad, it's taking forever...

I guess I'm not going back to bed, UGH. Tomorrow I want to sleep like 12 hours. Before that though I'm going to go to the BBQ after running some errands on the bike. The morning sun is beautiful, I'm too lazy to go get my camera and take pictures right now :P

Koh Chang

Yesterday Helen wanted to be alone and meditate, so I went down to check out the beach here.

I found a private part of the beach where I sat and read and also did some meditation by the rocks.

When I was done reading, I walked down the beach. I met a couple people randomly, one Isreali guy first and then a girl that I started talking to that I might meet on Ko Tao. I'm feeling really confused on where to go now, I have so many places I want to see. I guess I'll just see what happens.
I'm too lazy to edit the pictures because my neighbours woke me up at 3AM screaming in Thai. I was so exhausted since I haven't rested properly since I left India that I fell asleep at 9PM so I might try to go back to sleep after I download some movies AND THE NEW GAME OF THRONES. There's no bandwidth during the day...not really now either, but it is working. I got invited to a BBQ tomorrow with a bunch of people so that will be fun, I also rented a scooter (150B, almost 5 dollars or …


Last night we all hung out and got to know each other and drank beer. We made a movie for a youtube channel that we are making called Vikings Abroad. It started with me and Helen in Arambol at holi and has just continued. It's like a documentary/entertainment...I don't know. I'll link it on the blog once I get the films uploaded, they are big files and the wifi is slow! I should edit them, but I am too lazy :P Maybe I will eventually.

Honestly, I was hung over and a bit lazy in the beginning of the day. It was SO HOT. But it's paradise. Everyone was either sleeping or excited that I had a hard drive with movies on it, so I let them borrow the computer and they watched movies.

Here are some pictures of where we are living:

So we walk around on bridges everywhere and Helen and I literally live way up in what they call the tree house. It's not that one under, that's just what the huts look like.

I wandered around a bit, got a coconut smoothie that they put the re…

The Tree House

So yesterday I walked the steepest climb ever, I should get my own scooter. Which I'm going to. I saw this tree house and thought I'd check it out. It's a place similar to ours but with a lovely (empty) restaurant. Everything looked very clean and beautiful and the people were lovely so my instincts said it would be good anyways. I wonder how a place like that could be empty, though. The prices were like a nicer place in India so yeah everything IS about the same prices as India.

This shake cost 90B (23kr or almost 3 dollars)

This soup cost 100B (26kr)

That's Coco

This girl wanted to play with me all the time, I let her take some pictures with my camera but it's not easy when you're a kid figuring out something not speaking the same language :P

She got these two :)

I felt real grass for the first time in a long time.

Coco chilling in the library.

Got to Koh Chang

I'm gonna write about everything but I'm just enjoying this island so much I can't write it right now. It's amazing here, I've seen an elephant, a new family at our new abode, just heaven. We randomly made a friend from Sweden saturday night that was going to this island with his family the next morning. Since we couldn't find our friends that are going to a different island with we figured why not? We wanted to get to some jungle and now we are in the jungle. The place we are staying at is amazing and everyone is a big family. It's like living in tropical tree houses for 150B per night which is 4 USD and 40kr per day. I was wrong about everything being more expensive than India. I honestly think everything might be cheaper...I've just been spending money on...all kinds of things, haha shopping, pampering and tattoos. The photos below are our trip on the boat to the island and then some of our new family at our new home.


I'm writing a little late, but that's traveling.
So we changed hotells in Bangkok and then I wanted to go out and be a tourist.
First I got tricked by a tuk-tuk driver that it was way too far to walk to the royal palace and then it ended up being right by where I was living. I payed 70B which is like 2 dollars or 15kr but still, not cool to trick ppl. 

I tried jackfruit, it was alright.

I got there and it was least they let me take one picture from the outside >:S

I was a little confused and annoyed since I just payed a tuk-tuk for no reason and I didn't know where I was so I was going to go to some other temple and was asking a different tuk-tuk driver for advice. He ended driving me around all of Bangkok for free. Apparently they promote different places if they take you around to the different things you can see there so they get free gas or something. This is why travel blogs are a good idea to read! 

He took me to a few tourist spots and some temples a…