I really needed to find more hair dye since it didn’t turn out as red as I wanted it,  just pink. The strange part is that I even found that color at all. I can’t imagine many people dye their hair that specific color. The tiny shop I bought it at said there is more coming but they kept changing the day and now they are saying monday. There is a sweets store right next to that little store, this is what they all look like and IT IS SO GOOD. All sugar, but still so good. So I was on a mission to get hair dye and fix a camera lens...and actually I had like 10 more things I needed which is just boring to read, anyways...

I listened to a lady at a hair shop that told me I can definitely find some in Margao. I thought: cool a new part of Goa, yes I'll go there.
She didn't mention it was 2 hours away haha...

What ever, it was a nice ride and cool to see what a more city-like part of Goa looked like. 
I ended up finding a hair color store too that had a lot better quality hair dye for cheaper but I drove in circles to like 50 different places to find it. Mission accomplished at least!

I felt like the only white person, but I didn't care and neither did anyone else. 

This is what the city looked like:


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