I’ve been practicing the scooter today, I really like driving :)
I really haven’t felt unsafe at all except for when the people that live here were trying to teach me and were stressing me out thinking I was gonna fall down or something. After all their frenzy, everything went awesome and I want to always have a scooter. I drove to all the surrounding areas. Chadi, Palolem, etc.

After yoga, tomorrow I have an Ayurvedic massage I’m not sure if I want to go to the yoga but I think I will. I’m so in love with masala chai tea. I'm drinking a whole pot right now for 60rupees (8kr or like a dollar).

Here I was sitting at an organic place called Zest. I think they’re food is awesome, the menu sounds like it and I’ve heard really good things. And it’s almost always packed. When it's not the internet is alright too.
That's me drinking a detox juice with spinach, cucumber, apple, etc. Can’t remember :P
It's way too hard to only drink juice all the time though, I love food too much.

I needed to go get money out cause I'm out of money, then go to a book store. There was a bit of a drama today when I went to get money out, I couldn’t find my card. Luckily, I have an extra one but then I needed internet to transfer money to that account and I had no money to go get internet any where. I ended up finding the card at the bank next door to the ATM. I guess I left the card in there, they are a little confusing because you have to select that you want your card back before you get it out of the ATM. At least I found it. Then I did some shopping in Palolem (I bought a wallet, a bunch of books, tarot cards, a postcard, a passport protecter…my passport is looking messed up af, some deal where I got 50g of masala tea and a patchouli perfume for 50rupees) I also booked a teeth cleaning (800rupees about 100kr and maybe 13 dollars) and hung out at this café that had SUCH good masala tea for 10r (1,5kr or like 20cents)


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