My day yesterday

Yesterday I went to the biggest mall ever.

I first ate some street food for 40B which is like 10kr or a a dollar.
There was this beautiful girl sitting next to me:

I met a nice couple and we were talking while we were eating.

I thought the shopping mall was walking distance, but apparently not. This girl walked passed me with the weirdest looking food so I asked her what it was. It was live shrimp. Her boyfriend came up and asked me if I wanted to try it, I thought I would be wild and crazy and do so...ehhhh it was alright. It didn't move in my mouth at least.
We were going to the same place (Siam) so we decided to take the trip together.
We took a taxi boat!

Then we took the metro a few stops and then we were there! I went in the mall (there is like a mall for each department, electronics, high end, etc.) so I went in the mall for electronics to get a camera lens and see if they can fix mine where a latch is broken, no luck. I got some clothes since mine are all pretty much ruined and then I got overwhelmed and left.

Then I went home and Helen came right after. We went out but just walked around to get some juice.
We were supposed to meet up with our friends from yesterday but the phone/wi-fi struggle was real.


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