Last night we all hung out and got to know each other and drank beer. We made a movie for a youtube channel that we are making called Vikings Abroad. It started with me and Helen in Arambol at holi and has just continued. It's like a documentary/entertainment...I don't know. I'll link it on the blog once I get the films uploaded, they are big files and the wifi is slow! I should edit them, but I am too lazy :P Maybe I will eventually.

Honestly, I was hung over and a bit lazy in the beginning of the day. It was SO HOT. But it's paradise. Everyone was either sleeping or excited that I had a hard drive with movies on it, so I let them borrow the computer and they watched movies.

Here are some pictures of where we are living:

So we walk around on bridges everywhere and Helen and I literally live way up in what they call the tree house. It's not that one under, that's just what the huts look like.

I wandered around a bit, got a coconut smoothie that they put the real coconut water in and the actual meat in, it was delicious and healthy. 50bat, like 15kr.

Good prices!

Then I went to explore a little and found this place that I'll post the pictures tomorrow because now I'm tired and I need to sleep. There was literally a house way up in a tree.

Then I got to borrow a Finnish guys scooter to go to the post office, but ofc it was closed since it's sunday. Still nice with a little bike ride. I saw monkeys!


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