Got a haircut

Today I got up and went to a yoga class.
The teacher kept asking me if I was a yoga teacher. 
It made me feel good, hopefully because I feel good about my practice being somewhat correct. All yoga is good but doing it properly is important for your own physical health and getting as much out of the meditative poses as possible. The people in the class were saying how beautiful they were too. But yeah, hopefully it’s not just my ego feeling blown up at the compliments. I haven’t done it in a couple weeks so it really felt good to move my body. This is our porch window. 

This is a little ways down, toward Patnem beach.

Everyone is loving my hair. I want to go back to…whatever part of Goa I was in yesterday where I found the hair dye (Chaudi) amongst other things...It turned out a bit too pink so I want to dye it again. I want to buy a bunch of boxes so I can keep up with this color. I think it cost 100 rupees. I got the Idea from Kajsa to put the pigment in my conditioner so I’m gonna try that. 

I’m waiting on my scooter, SORRY MOM. I know you don’t want me driving one, but it’s inevitable. I’m going to be in so many countries where you need one and the traffic is also on the left side of the road. Might as well start, and it’s pretty calm around here so yeah. I found one for 150r per day which is like 20kr or idk 3 dollars maybe. I am going to teach myself how to drive one around here and then start driving to Palolem and all around, maybe check out the waterfalls. 

You see, we have Bobby. I wouldn’t call him a servant, because we haven’t hired him he just kind of helps us with everything we could possibly need. He’s the one that got me the scooter for 150 a day, usually they will try to charge people 300 rupees a day for one. And this morning I needed sugar for my tea and salt for the eggs I was making and poof Bobby’s there with it. He does hang around a lot when I have been trying to work, but if you just make it clear that you’re busy he’ll go away. We try to tip him, but he says he feels that we are nice people and he likes helping us. He said he does it from his heart and doesn’t want our money. 

Everyone keeps telling me to stay away from the dog. I honestly have no idea what his name is. I thought Cookie, then Kuku, and then they said two other names so…I think I’ll just call him CooCoo cause he’s crazy. He hasn’t tried to bite me yet, he actually comes up to me all the time an
d will lay down by me and let me pet him. Like 4 people have freaked out and warned me not to touch him so I’m not really sure, for now he seems to like me anyways.


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