Down South

I love it down here, it’s beautiful and shanti.
People say shanti shanti like chill or slowly, relax etc…I don’t know what the actual translation is but India is definitely shanti.

I took a three hour taxi yesterday and really enjoyed the scenery. 
Now I am down in Patnem (still in Goa) looking at the ocean in the morning sun.  These pictures took literally an hour to load on here so I'm keeping them all. It was kind of an accident, I didn't look at all the pictures I selected and then it wouldn't let me cancel the upload..I think it's the view from our house, though. We have a personal beach :D

I came and sat outside to read because Helene is still sleeping…it’s only 8.30. The woman that owns this place came with tea and biscuits, it’s the small things in life :) There is a little fluffy dog here named Cookie that bites people if you touch him, the owner was really worried this morning when he was over by me. He lets me pet him though, he’s really cute.

Apparently around here there are all kinds of healers and interesting people to talk to. There is also an Ashram that I want to check out. 

Today I’ve done yoga on the personal beach we have here. I did yoga yesterday too in the back yard at Sams place. We had our last night at the apartment I was living at with Jon two days ago. So I stayed one night in the extra bedroom at Sams, then said bye to everyone and came down here. There was this guy singing outside in the middle of the night very loudly. It was funny.
Anyways, doing yoga yesterday made me really sore today for some reason. 

We are living right next door to a restaurant so they deliver the food and drinks through the bushes beside us. The breakfast we ordered was sautéed spinach and garlic with two poached eggs and english muffins with a honey ginger sauce. We got a huge cup of masala chai tea all for 170rupies (22kr or like 3 dollars) it’s kind of pricey for a breakfast but it was top notch and felt really healthy. I’m really ready for some western comforts, it’s been six weeks without a real comfortable bed and a really good shower that feels like a shower at home. I might check myself into a fancy place since it’s the end of the season, I should be able to find a good place for a good price.

Tomorrow Helene and I are wanting to get up early and go through the jungle to get to this special yoga class. 


  1. Shanti means peace , I think :-)
    Namasté xx


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