Food Poisoning

So I would never recommend having food poisoning in India.
We don't really know what we ate but the same night as Holi, one of my room mates Jon (we have a new one named Atoo, he's cool) got SO SICK and I felt pretty bad then it escalated for me. It's been a bad three days is all I can say. 

Last night I was at the end of it and I guess delirious...I thought the dog Llama was sleeping on my pillow beside my head. I jumped out of bed and started screaming "NO LLAMA GET OUT" (I don't want her in my bed, she has flees) we soon realized that Llama wasn't at ours...with the doors locked. To my defense, she sometimes gets in the apartment in mysterious ways. She is the craziest dog, I need to get some pictures of her. She's got a small head and huge body and she's a weirdo. I don't know if I will make a post of this woman I met...she was very intense and said she was going to be my teacher. She was a little interesting but I couldn't keep up with her energy. The same day I had met her, Llama kept barking at me what I felt was aggressively. I was a little upset about it, but hopefully she was picking up on some weird energy from that woman or something. I think me and Llama are cool now, I don't know what that was about. 

We don't know who gave her that name but it suits her.
She lives at a few different places. Most the time she is at Sasha and Yura's place, but she's slept at ours several nights and comes over when we're playing music and stuff there. She comes and knocks on the door. She steals everyones flip flops, dustpans, bottles, etc.


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