Hello Bangkok!

We started our day...yesterday? eating our last meal in India. 
It was actually just at Boomshanker (not indian food) next door 'cause I was craving their eggs benedict with sautéed spinach...no hollandaise but similar to eggs benedict. 
The night before, I had eaten a proper Indian meal some sort of Goan thali it was so dark that I'm not sure what exactly I was eating. Damn Kutu bit me, asshole.

We got in a taxi and enjoyed the last few views of India, said goodbye. 
At the airport everything went smoothly, they set everything up in a way that's a lot better than any other country I've been to the airport at. Effective. Why is the thumb darker than the rest of the hand, inspection? :S

They had really weird statues all over the place though:

Then we got on the airplane.

Helene and I found it hilarious that there is an airline named spicejet. The food was much too spicy, and we were getting the spices everywhere because they served the food in tiny containers that made made it very difficult to keep everything inside of the containers. We might could get an insurance claim for all the spices we got on us. We could have at least got the extra leg-spice for our troubles. 
Just kidding, everything was fine. They should have the spice girls as their face outwards and always play "spice up your life"

They were just playing a bunch of romantic songs like "if you leave me now, you'll take away the biggest part of me" etc. It was kind of weird, like they played them the whole flight. 

On the plane I watched howls moving castle, i’ve seen it before but i didn’t remember that it was so amazing. It’s really a work of art, like all of the Ghibli films. I read some article that they actually have really deep messages, I’d link it but I’m too lazy.

We made a friend on the airplane that was flying solo and we got to know so we decided we’d all go together since we landed at 4 am. They both went to sleep, but I couldn’t cause I have a hard time sleeping in the middle of the day sometimes. I met some friends though, I'll write that in another post.

In Bangkok I haven’t seen dogs any where, it’s like they replaces all the dogs with cats. I’m sure there are dogs here too, though! (edit, I saw some dogs)

Where I am now, there are just a bunch of tourists and everything costs twice as much as India. I’m not gonna lie though, it’s nice being somewhere clean and not having men gawk at you as much as the Indians. AND IT’S CLEAN. I should have ended my trip in India because everything I own is brown now from the dust. I guess I’ll have to go shopping now...even though I got used to the prices in India so now I’m feeling ripped off all the time :P 

It’s probably cheaper than home, but since I don’t have an income it feels expensive.


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