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I've got a bit of a cold :(
I was going to the wednesday market later on today but I feel too sick and will just lay in bed and watch movies. Doesn't sound that great but oh well.

I'm trying to figure out when I should go to Thailand. 
I would like to see Holi (the color festival) on march 6th here in India but apparently Goa is the wrong place to do it and I don't know where everyone else I know here are going to be at that time. Nothing has sounded like a really good plan. Anyways, I'm still finding cheap flights so it's no problem.

I figured I'd rewrite fridays post: 

On friday we got a bike and went to Anjuna. I LOVE TO RIDE THE BIKES! The traffic is a bit chaotic, but it feels way more organic than western traffic that feels hard and rigid...and is still dangerous. Of course people abuse the lack of laws, but people do that even if there are laws. We ate some lunch then went to a day party that was really good. I ran into a few  people that I've gotten …

I just wrote a long post and it disappeared

It made me angry and there are 1000 ants living in my computer so I'm going to the beach instead, sorry.

Anyways Goa doesn't have days, time, or laws and so I'm basically just going with the flow every day. Doing some yoga, friday was crazy I wrote all about it but now I'm just angry that everything I wrote disappeared so I'm not writing it again. People just do what ever they want here. If you should get in trouble for breaking a law you can just buy the police officer off. So the hardest part of the day is figuring out what to do. No musts. I might write that whole thing over again later. Not now anyways...Sorry for not updating more, really haven't used the computer or phone or camera just being present :)


Since I last wrote I haven't taken a lot of pictures but maybe I will update with some later. 

On tuesday night there was a party at sweet lake where a lot of the same people that were at shiva valley were. We went there on the back of some mopeds to these Lebanese people Dalma knows from home I think. 

I finally saw Linnéa and then randomly another guy from our same class in Sweden: David. That is a class of like 30 people tops so those odds are pretty random that we'd all be at the same party in India. 
I thoroughly enjoy these Goa partys now, the first experience was just really bad. I got to see this guy Dalma thought was the yoga teacher. I told him he REALLY looks like our yoga teacher, they looked so similar. We saw the goddess guy (his name is Hannes) there and I got him a beer. There was a lot of other people that we've gotten to know through our stay too and I saw Fanny there. 

The next day we went to yoga, then decided to go to the famous wednesday market. It was HU…


I've forgotten to write some funny things that have happened:

At the Ozora party there was a point where Dalma lost her whole life, phone, wallet, everything. It was really intense because if you lose everything here you're pretty much screwed. We didn't have any luck finding it and then later on I was looking for something in my bag and everything was in there. We have no idea how it got there...Also at that party Dalma thought she ran into one of our yoga teachers (they are all very good looking) and she was kissing him and said "oh my god, you're my yoga teacher"...he wasn't.Also at the party in the morning when we were sitting on the rocks there was this guy that was wearing tight jean shorts with no shirt jumping around barefoot on the rocks and he came back and said that all the girls told him to leave because he wasn't a goddess. We said he was a goddess and he was like "yeah, I AM A GODDESS" he was pretty entertaining. He had an Austr…


Yesterday was interesting. 
We were going to trip in the jungle, but it didn't end up working. 
We just spent the day at sweet lake then went on a hike. 

We walked for about 40 minutes in the beautiful jungle and then we arrived at a holy tree where a man named Baba lives. Apparantly he's just an alcoholic that lives under this Banyan tree. Also, it's legal to smoke cannabis under these trees. Weird.
He had a big white beard and long white hair and he smiled all the time. 
Everyone there had fruit with them that they were sharing and they were smoking, also sharing. It was unusual to see Indian people offering you fruit when they try to sell it to you all day, most people probably thought they were selling it but a guy sitting next to me said they are celebrating Shiva so everyone brings fruit. 
Baba would say "I love you" to all the children and smile. 
He was talking to a little girl trying to give her a pomegranate, she said he looked like santa and he pulled out a g…

Valentines day

Here's a picture of the inside of our hut. It's a lot bigger than it looks, I'll try to take some more pictures later. For valentines day I didn't get that many pictures but we met the Norwegians in Anjuna and had a really nice time. We found a tower on the beach that we hung out in and for dinner we went to the best Italian food restaurant I've ever been to.  We had like three appetizers: 2 bruschettas and gnocchi. Then we had a bolognese, three pizzas and 12 desserts. I wish I would have gotten pictures. There was chocolate mousses, tiramisu, sorbets, creme brulet  and lots more. The bill was like 150kr or 15-20dollars per person. 

The next day we went to Sweet Lake where you can go hiking in the jungle. We went hiking a bit looking for the sulfur baths and ended up really far down by a holy tree. We're going back there because I had to go to yoga at four so we didn't really have time to hike. I saw a monkey though, so that was cool.

At night when we were go…

In my heart

I'm feeling incredible from all the yoga and meditation. So happy.
Everyone I'm talking to is giving me lots of tips and contacts and advice. Everyone has been warm so when we see each other we always talk and say hi. Life is different here. The managers here at the Mandala are together and live here 8 months of the year and travel the other months. To see family or other parts of the world. It seems like a lot of people are living by this system, which sounds like a dream. 

I got some random beach lady to give me a henna tattoo and later on someone told me it looked like a child did it. Agreed. And she charged me way too much ofc, like five dollars so w/e. There is this beautiful little girl in the market place that I want to take a picture of, I'm going to ask her if I can. I've talked to her a bit about going to school, I don't think she has the option. There are so many families here with small children, when I'm on the subject of children. That is a beautifu…

That hurt

Good God, don't ever get a bikini wax. 
I did my armpits and...the hair was too short or something. 
She should have told me. I don't understand how people do that regularly. 
Anyways, I have just done my regular 4h of yoga today. That's where we do the yoga, under the palm trees listening to the noises of the jungle and the waves of the ocean.

After the morning class we walked to Arambol and hung out with my friends that are here from Sweden. 
They played some cards then I got a ride back to Mandrem from one of the people living there to go to my afternoon yoga class. 
I only ate that huge breakfast and some "masala cheetos" ? Everything is available with masala flavor. I kind of want to go back over there but I don't feel like walking the whole way or taking a taxi either. We all ended up back at our beautiful hut, and we're gonna see what's up with the Norwegian guy. We are getting tired of the quiet and want to move to Anjuno.

There's one of my many …

Not completely recovered

After a beautiful 24hr party with a lovely morning  the next day, I'm still not completely rested. We went out to eat around 9PM and I had to leave earlier cause I hadn't been napping like everyone else. This morning I went to my regular 2hr yoga, which I didn't feel like doing but now I'm glad I did. I just finished the great breakfast at Mandala.

It can happen to you too

Wow. That was the most magical experience I've ever had in my entire life. Ozora=love. I'm not even sure what kind of music it was but it was just so much love with like thousands of people on the beach with the most amazing vibes. It's really indescribable, but I'll try.

I started the day with 2 hours of yoga, so in three days I've done a whole work day of yoga 8hrs. It feels awesome but my body is so not used to it. After that we walked to Arambol to meet my Swedish friends that are staying there. We went to eat some food: butter paner masala. Then we started glitterfying ourselves because there was a carnival going on. I don't know what they were celebrating, I'll have to google it. So we all had glitter all over ourselves there was an entirely gold girl and an entirely silver girl. There's the silver girl. Everyone was coming to get glitter from us.

These are stolen pictures cause I didn't end up taking any :( 

A guy was painting peoples faces so b…

My body

I'm going to do about 4h of yoga per day for a week. Wow. I felt like I wanted to get a kick-start since I really haven't done yoga or eaten right since me and my ex broke up last summer. So I bought 14 classes for 5000rupies. Kind of "expensive" for India, I could find cheaper but then I'd have to walk to Arambol or just hassle to find it and this is right next door at that beautiful resort where they played the secret. It's like 80USD and and 675kr so for four hours a day, it's fine. That place has free events every day of the week. Of course it's yoga today at 8PM so I'm going to be exhausted, but in a good way. The afternoon class from 4-6PM is really mild which is good to get me flexible again, and the morning class from 8-10AM almost killed Dalma and I. I tried to take a picture of the class, but they turned out awkward...all of the pictures from this morning were pretty bad. Even where we ate breakfast, but I took a picture with my phone I&…


I don't see how anyone could not love this place. The energy is so peaceful. 
It's like a gathering point for people who are trying to grow in consciousness...and also Russian tourists. The only part that isn't pleasant is the poverty, desperate people just trying to survive. Of course you feel like helping but you can't help them all. When people are in that state, they can't think about if they are happy or what their dreams are. In one way that fact makes it seem like they are happier generally. Compared to the sulking, freezing, depressed people that don't struggle in Sweden. Dalma and I decided we would do something nice for people individually. There is this really sweet boy from Nepal that works at this place we are staying. He's going back to Nepal soon so we figured maybe we could just give him a pretty big, nice tip to say good bye. His face is kind and he's always so polite.

Unfortunately we also had a disappointing experience with one of the l…

The Beach

I love this picture, this is Dalma 

New place

I moved from the really shitty hotell I was staying at on the beach in Arambol to this beautiful, magical place called Mandala hotell in Ashram or Mandrim or something. I got a weird vibe from Arambol but I'll give it another chance. We are going to the beach there today, it takes about 40 minutes to walk along the beach. At my new hotell there are really pretty little straw houses with nice sheets in a comfortable bed and free yoga in the mornings.
Above is part of the dining room and a living room kind of thing.
The picture above is the yoga room.

For breakfast they have fresh watermelon juice and they make you some scrambled eggs with toast and a nice fruit salad.
By the way I found Linnéa today, five days later she finally got there. There's a lot of things I'm feeling about that, but mainly that if something comes up that you should find a way to get in touch. We'll see if we end up meeting up, I honestly don't think so.

I've been eating so good! Basically just…