New place

I moved from the really shitty hotell I was staying at on the beach in Arambol to this beautiful, magical place called Mandala hotell in Ashram or Mandrim or something. I got a weird vibe from Arambol but I'll give it another chance. We are going to the beach there today, it takes about 40 minutes to walk along the beach. At my new hotell there are really pretty little straw houses with nice sheets in a comfortable bed and free yoga in the mornings.
 Above is part of the dining room and a living room kind of thing.
 The picture above is the yoga room.

For breakfast they have fresh watermelon juice and they make you some scrambled eggs with toast and a nice fruit salad.
By the way I found Linnéa today, five days later she finally got there. There's a lot of things I'm feeling about that, but mainly that if something comes up that you should find a way to get in touch. We'll see if we end up meeting up, I honestly don't think so.

I've been eating so good! Basically just vegetables and drinking fresh juices and ginger tea. I've doing yoga by the beach, I also got a 7 day package with 90 minute different treatments every day. It's going to be so relaxing. 

Now I'm gonna start my trek to Arambol.


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