In my heart

I'm feeling incredible from all the yoga and meditation. So happy.
Everyone I'm talking to is giving me lots of tips and contacts and advice. Everyone has been warm so when we see each other we always talk and say hi. Life is different here. The managers here at the Mandala are together and live here 8 months of the year and travel the other months. To see family or other parts of the world. It seems like a lot of people are living by this system, which sounds like a dream. 

I got some random beach lady to give me a henna tattoo and later on someone told me it looked like a child did it. Agreed. And she charged me way too much ofc, like five dollars so w/e. There is this beautiful little girl in the market place that I want to take a picture of, I'm going to ask her if I can. I've talked to her a bit about going to school, I don't think she has the option. There are so many families here with small children, when I'm on the subject of children. That is a beautiful gift for a child to see this way of life, the good and the bad. 

Today I'm going to miss my afternoon yoga class :( I'm disappointed but we're going to have a magical day, we're going to Anjuna and we might stop by this Hilltop Festival since everyone I know is there. It's just kind of "expensive" costing 1500 rupies for one day...we'll see. The day is going to be magical though, I can feel it.


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