Just got to the hotell in Goa

I had a hard time going to sleep last night even though I was really tired. I left Bella at 10 when my friend that is keeping her got off work. It’s a lot harder when you have to say good bye before hand, right down the street. I already miss her. I got to say bye to almost everyone I wanted to, and now I’m gone. 

The flight started out kind of dramatic, I had called both the Indian embassy and Qatar Airways to make sure I didn’t need a ticket from India and as I’m checking in they tell me I can’t get on the flight unless I have a ticket booked from India. So they help me and I’m out 12000kr until thursday. I think the dollar got stronger, I’m not sure what the rate is but the last time I was in the US it would have been $2000. While they are doing all that I ask them if i can bump myself up to business class and they say no because the second, much shorter flight is fully booked and they would have to upgrade all the flights the whole way. That doesn’t make sense to me since they would be getting more money and I just had to get a really expensive, unnecessary ticket from them but it worked out cause the guy sitting next to me was really nice. Qatar Airways was comparatively better than any airline I've been on. Really good food, nice drinks, and you could lean your seat back far.
I got served a meal on each flight so that was good...I was hungry. And drank gin & tonics. I watched some moveis, gone girl was creepy.

Now I got a presidential sweet at some hotell that is really shitty haha. ZzZzZzzzz


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