I've forgotten to write some funny things that have happened:

  • At the Ozora party there was a point where Dalma lost her whole life, phone, wallet, everything. It was really intense because if you lose everything here you're pretty much screwed. We didn't have any luck finding it and then later on I was looking for something in my bag and everything was in there. We have no idea how it got there...
  • Also at that party Dalma thought she ran into one of our yoga teachers (they are all very good looking) and she was kissing him and said "oh my god, you're my yoga teacher"...he wasn't.
  • Also at the party in the morning when we were sitting on the rocks there was this guy that was wearing tight jean shorts with no shirt jumping around barefoot on the rocks and he came back and said that all the girls told him to leave because he wasn't a goddess. We said he was a goddess and he was like "yeah, I AM A GODDESS" he was pretty entertaining. He had an Australian accent and was talking about how there are a lot of movies that have the same plot as the big lebowski. Dude where's my car & the hangover for example. Yesterday he is the guy we ran into on the way home from the jungle. He was playing the guitar for tips and we sang a Bob Dylan song together. It turns out he's Swedish from the same area where I went to school. We ran into him again and figured we'd all eat dinner together. Unfortunately we lost him. He said jumping around on the rocks had been a bad idea bc he cut his feet all up.
  • On valentines day I looked in the mirror at some point and I had so many mosquito bites that I literally thought I had gotten the chicken pox. I was like "oh my god no this sucks so could I get the chicken pox?!" So stupid since I've already had the chicken pox. Still, it really looked like it, I probably had 15 bites just on my face.


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