Since I last wrote I haven't taken a lot of pictures but maybe I will update with some later. 

On tuesday night there was a party at sweet lake where a lot of the same people that were at shiva valley were. We went there on the back of some mopeds to these Lebanese people Dalma knows from home I think. 

I finally saw Linnéa and then randomly another guy from our same class in Sweden: David. That is a class of like 30 people tops so those odds are pretty random that we'd all be at the same party in India. 
I thoroughly enjoy these Goa partys now, the first experience was just really bad. I got to see this guy Dalma thought was the yoga teacher. I told him he REALLY looks like our yoga teacher, they looked so similar. We saw the goddess guy (his name is Hannes) there and I got him a beer. There was a lot of other people that we've gotten to know through our stay too and I saw Fanny there. 

The next day we went to yoga, then decided to go to the famous wednesday market. It was HUGE. I bought one crystal and one crystal necklace. Then there was another party at this place called Hill Top which was filled with christmas lights in all the palm trees. Of course we ran into like 20 ppl we knew there too. 
After Hill Top which closed down at 10PM we were going to another party but just ended up in Arambol. There was some party going on and we were hungry so we got fried rice. I saw Hannes there of course. This morning, our friend that works at this hotell told us all to draw a tarot card. I drew crystals and that I should work with crystals. I've been swimming in the ocean and laid out on the beach like a lizard getting my tan on. Yesterday and this morning I skipped yoga bc my body needed a break but now I'm just about to go to the afternoon class. <3


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