Um, okay

So a group of like 30 indian guys just had a big brawl where they were hitting each other with sticks and screaming. I have no idea what was going on.

Anyways, I love India. It feels like there is something I'm supposed to be doing here. I don't know what...maybe something helping children. A little boy with really pretty eyes smiled, waved and said "hello miss" and that's when I got the thought about helping children somehow.

I felt a little uncomfortable last night since I was all alone, but at least there was internet so I could talk to someone and not feel so alone. I like being alone, but not right at that moment when there was so much to take in. Today I slept until check-out time and all I've done is take the worlds longest taxi drive and drink a bunch of beverages. I got the number from my taxi driver last night. The hotell of course missed to send the shuttle that I ordered, but a taxi cost the same as the shuttle service so it really didn't matter.

This morning I missed the breakfast at the hotell, went to an ATM, bought some water then ordered my taxi. I didn't understand why the price difference was so big from my hotell to Arambol, but now I do. It took two hours to get here. Now I'm sitting by the beach about to eat palak panner and drink a pina colada.

The taxi driver and I had a big language barrier but he was nice. He stopped to get a beer for me and I had said that I wanted one somehow, it was fine why not?
I'm on vacation. Then I got a coconut juice where they break the coconut open with a machete. I love coconut juice.
It was a long drive and I saw lots of palm trees. Apparently the Indians don't like Russian tourists as much as the rest of the world. He said they didn't have respect.


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