My body

I'm going to do about 4h of yoga per day for a week. Wow. I felt like I wanted to get a kick-start since I really haven't done yoga or eaten right since me and my ex broke up last summer. So I bought 14 classes for 5000rupies. Kind of "expensive" for India, I could find cheaper but then I'd have to walk to Arambol or just hassle to find it and this is right next door at that beautiful resort where they played the secret. It's like 80USD and and 675kr so for four hours a day, it's fine. That place has free events every day of the week. Of course it's yoga today at 8PM so I'm going to be exhausted, but in a good way. The afternoon class from 4-6PM is really mild which is good to get me flexible again, and the morning class from 8-10AM almost killed Dalma and I. I tried to take a picture of the class, but they turned out awkward...all of the pictures from this morning were pretty bad. Even where we ate breakfast, but I took a picture with my phone I'll update it later since it's on my phone. 
It's just fresh fruit and lemon & ginger tea. I'm cleansing my body from toxins.

I've been eating this dish almost every day:

Steamed broccoli and cauliflower, olives, mozzerella, basil then a salty olive oil dressing. I haven't eaten it today, I've just eaten a bunch of fruit and this beet, carrot, and orange juice. 

I'm gonna have to eat some real food before the 8 o'clock class.


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