It can happen to you too

Wow. That was the most magical experience I've ever had in my entire life. Ozora=love. I'm not even sure what kind of music it was but it was just so much love with like thousands of people on the beach with the most amazing vibes. It's really indescribable, but I'll try.

I started the day with 2 hours of yoga, so in three days I've done a whole work day of yoga 8hrs. It feels awesome but my body is so not used to it. After that we walked to Arambol to meet my Swedish friends that are staying there. We went to eat some food: butter paner masala. Then we started glitterfying ourselves because there was a carnival going on. I don't know what they were celebrating, I'll have to google it. So we all had glitter all over ourselves there was an entirely gold girl and an entirely silver girl. There's the silver girl. Everyone was coming to get glitter from us.

These are stolen pictures cause I didn't end up taking any :( 

A guy was painting peoples faces so beautifully.

A bottle of this really good rum cost 80R so like 10kr or $1.50 so we started off by getting three bottles of rum and were just hanging out getting ready outside where Kajsa and Fanny are staying. So we got drunk, went to this carnival where there were acrobats. They were throwing their baby that was crying at some point which felt kind of after that we decided to go on to the "one day in Goa" Ozora party which was even free. 

I can't describe the love and vibes but it was amazing. This Norwegian guy I had met earlier and some of the people I came with met up in the morning and sat down by the beach in the morning sun on some rocks and were just talking and connecting and he decided to do a good deed and treat us all to an amazing breakfast at the most beautiful café I've ever been to. They do yoga teachers certification there as well so I'm gonna look into that...and all the staff would come sit down with us and just be totally connected, showing us music they make etc. So many people are making creative spaces for people to be in this country. Even a really amazing woman came by and told me about a crystal shop that was in the area. After our week here at the Mandala we are thinking about going down to anjuna. It's amazing there. It's like they have their whole own community, completely free. I feel like this is something for me. Everyone knows each other and connect, help each other. Really beautiful. 
Those are the rocks we were sitting on in the morning.
When we were leaving I bought a fresh coconut water that was the best one I've ever had. We all had lost our shoes at some point which is kind of funny. For breakfast we got really really fresh food and fresh orange juice and all sorts of coffees and tea and anything we wanted, he said order. A lemon slushy thing that I can't stop thinking about. It was a vegetarian place.
Anyways we all agreed that this was the best party we've ever been to in our entire lives and the best morning with this random act of kindness taking us to that place, connecting us with the people here and treating us to the best breakfast ever. He gave us his number. The Norwegian guy named Björn said he'll gladly show us all the coolest places in Goa. This place is so amazing, I want to share this with everyone. Come here :D 
Here we are leaving the party on our way to breakfast...with no shoes


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