Yesterday was interesting. 
We were going to trip in the jungle, but it didn't end up working. 
We just spent the day at sweet lake then went on a hike. 

We walked for about 40 minutes in the beautiful jungle and then we arrived at a holy tree where a man named Baba lives. Apparantly he's just an alcoholic that lives under this Banyan tree. Also, it's legal to smoke cannabis under these trees. Weird.
He had a big white beard and long white hair and he smiled all the time. 
Everyone there had fruit with them that they were sharing and they were smoking, also sharing. It was unusual to see Indian people offering you fruit when they try to sell it to you all day, most people probably thought they were selling it but a guy sitting next to me said they are celebrating Shiva so everyone brings fruit. 
Baba would say "I love you" to all the children and smile. 
He was talking to a little girl trying to give her a pomegranate, she said he looked like santa and he pulled out a gift from behind the tree. I'm not sure what it was but it was nice to see. 
He said we had a good connection but no Wifi. 

On the walk home we ran into a guy from the party last week Hannes, I'll write about it in another post because I want this one to be about Baba.


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