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Vang Vieng

It's absolutely beautiful here.
This scenery is my favourite so far, so beautiful.
These are our bungalows:

Those red trees someone said was me as a tree so that's my new spirit tree


Yesterday I rented a scooter for 100000, it's about 100kr or 12 dollars.
Definitely the most expensive one I've gotten. I almost called it a bike so I understand how people could get confused about it being an actual bicycle. You can actually rent them here, but I'm too lazy for that and it's hot. Anyways I felt like just driving around the mountains and maybe going to some cave they have here, the local people are too...nice to say they don't understand so they kept pointing me in the wrong direction to where I finally ended up at a dried up, abandoned waterfall which later had a few locals riding elephants.

You had to take a boat to get there, the whole thing was really strange/cool. I have a little bit of an obsession with abandoned things so I thought it was really awesome actually. Weird, though. I jungle trekked a bit and found a tiny cave so I went and sat in there for a minute. Then it started raining, so I rode the boat back in the rain. It was nice...I u…


I've just been at that Utopia place all day, sleepy from weird late-night bowling.
Really weird.
Like hospital lighting X1000 and bowling after Utopia closed at 12.

Today, I've been so sleepy and wanted to go to yoga so I just chilled there at the same place and played guitar and talked to some cool people. The lighting was bad because rain, so it wasn't great for pictures.

The yoga was so good, I'll definitely try to go tomorrow.

I'm wondering when these people that I randomly went to a cave with are supposed to get here, it will be nice to chill with them again they had such good energy. They took the bus, so maybe 5AM like me. At least they'll get to see the monks.

Someone told me the government makes the monks do that, if they didn't they would have actors do it?

I don't know if that is correct.

I guess I will go socialise a little then I'm going to bed EARLY.

The people I came here with are going to vang vieng? I don't know the name, but t…

The most beautiful waterfall

Yesterday, we went to the most beautiful waterfall I've ever been to.
First we ate breakfast by the river, the one laying down on the table got sick from the malaria tablets Doxicyllin or something so watch out for that one. I'm not taking any malaria tablets, ain't nobody got time for that.

On the way up to the waterfall a bit out of town:

The smallest note and it's beautiful:

They have cute little rescued bears there:

We walked like an hour through the jungle to get to a cave and a spring, but the cave was closed and the spring was dried up :P

The best nights sleep I've had the whole trip

Oh my god, I slept like a little princess.
It said it was going to rain today and we are going to some waterfalls, but so far it's been sunny so I hope it stays that way.
We mainly walked around exploring, applied for our visas to Vietnam (70 dollars...)
Did some browsing/shopping.

Why charger on tree?

The money here is like...I took out a million of whatever it's called. So other than being a millionaire, everything cost like 20,000 for a sandwich. It's confusing. My bank won't let me check my balance either, I'm sure it's all good but I haven't even looked in about a month. Oh well.

Mohaha, that picture turned out crazy ^ We went to the night market, then to some really cozy places, one called Utopia where I of course ran into a bunch of people from Pai. They have yoga there, and it's really beautiful!

Opium equipment ^ :O we are in Asia though, I guess.

Just arrived in Laos

I honestly don't even know what city I am in, just followed destiny and ended up at the NICEST guest house I've been in this whole trip for 5 dollars each a night.

We have 2 hot showers, unbelievably comfortable beds, A/C, TV, and beautiful wooden furniture.
I couldn't get any great pictures, but I got some.

As soon as we arrived, all the monks were receiving their food for the day. I don't know if that is what they do every morning at 6AM or if that's even what they were really doing..

I bought these cigarettes because I was curious and they cost .50 cents.