I like Cambodia

We are currently in Shinukville? Something like that. Our house is awesome and it's 7 dollars a night. I think you can live at places for like 1 dollar per night but after India, I'm still into standard. I like that everything is in dollars too, except that they use their own currency which is like 10000R notes what ever that is. I think .25C is 1000R. I'll take pictures tomorrow, it's very homey in our room. We met up with the Finnish people from Koh Chang so we are just enjoying this beautiful beach and them. There is hiphoperson:

The lady-man below threaded my legs and armpits for 7 dollars. I don't know if that's a rip-off or not honestly, but threading is pretty good.

Then we went swam a bit, and ate really delicous food with two beers ended up costing 7 dollars total, you can definitely get food way cheaper than that but it was just nice to sit by the beach. The chairs everywhere are really nice and like round wooden...idk. So the beach is beautiful here. It's a big city with three different beaches apparently.

This is what I ate, it was like vegetables in coconut curry. SO GOOD. Five dollars then the beer was one dollar. Expensive for here. The dish below is what Helen ate. Green curry I think. And spring rolls. I'm exhausted but having a good time :)


  1. Åt på Etiopisk restaurang i dag.Helt ljuvligt gott! Men det här ser ju minst lika härligt ut. Glad Påsk min lilla globetrotter o ditt påskägg med Betsys, väntar när du kommer hem. Kramar från Pappa.


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