Yesterday I rented a scooter for 100000, it's about 100kr or 12 dollars.
Definitely the most expensive one I've gotten. I almost called it a bike so I understand how people could get confused about it being an actual bicycle. You can actually rent them here, but I'm too lazy for that and it's hot. Anyways I felt like just driving around the mountains and maybe going to some cave they have here, the local people are too...nice to say they don't understand so they kept pointing me in the wrong direction to where I finally ended up at a dried up, abandoned waterfall which later had a few locals riding elephants.

You had to take a boat to get there, the whole thing was really strange/cool. I have a little bit of an obsession with abandoned things so I thought it was really awesome actually. Weird, though. I jungle trekked a bit and found a tiny cave so I went and sat in there for a minute. Then it started raining, so I rode the boat back in the rain. It was nice...I usually don't like getting rained on, mainly cause red hair dye and it's uncomfortable to have wet shoes. This time I loved it. Then it stopped raining so I drove around in the mountains some more, came to a dead end after I crossed a rickety bridge and was being blown away at how beautiful it was. The people of this village I came to all gathered round me and asked me to please sit and then got me drunk and fed me. Literally were putting the food in my mouth, haha. They really want me to come back today, but I don't have to scooter any more :/

It was a cool experience the whole day and tomorrow I will go to Vang Vieng...or something like that. I also got to hang out with my friends from the cave, they are going to Vietnam and the Phillipines later on today so I'll go eat with them now before they go.


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