I actually got some pictures

And crazy videos.
I's so slow to upload them to our youtube, but I might can get a couple straight on the blog.

I can't put any pictures up right now, because my camera is in a room of sleeping buddies but I will come back and edit or something.

After the waterfall, bamboo river rafting, and Sangkrat I look like I've been through a concentration camp or something. My face is okay even though I got elbowed in the temple really hard the first day of Sangkrat which is nice, but the rest of my body is just in peices. I'll go see if I can get my camera out now.

A really good picture of Matt:

And there is the rest of the boyz:

We drank some buckets on the roof, had some dnb dj's about so that was nice and then that's the view from our hostel/used to be a brothel.


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