Crazy Cambodia

Since I last wrote, I rented a scooter (also when I say bike or scooter I mean a moped, haha Natalie not a literal bicycle <3 ) rode around the island Koh Chang (an island in Thailand). 

I went all the way down to the end of the island where there is a fishing village.
I also saw monkeys, elephants, snakes, etc. I then went to a lovely BBQ at Sandy Beach Bar where there was so much food. I met some amazing people that I definitely will meet again. I ran into a french girl I really liked and her friends from the other night at the same BBQ. We got a picture together the first night, ha kind of.

This dog was the cutest too, couldn't really get a good picture.

We had really interesting conversations and it was a lovely experience. 

Helen and I had booked our ticket back to Bangkok in advance cause the whole trip would cost 350B which is like five dollars or something, but we were trying to figure out if we should go to the southern Islands in Thailand or come up this way to Cambodia and then go to the Thai New Year in Chiang Mai in almost two weeks where my friend from Sweden is living and I think Helen has a friend that lives there to. We decided to go up through Cambodia because we were so close, we want to try to hit up Vietnam either before or after.

We’ll see how the trip progresses cause I’ve been very geographically confused about where to go since there are so many countries I want to go to and some places are up and some are down and I’m in the middle of them…I know it will work out just like it should though.

Our last day was indescribable. It was beautiful, we were at the same place hanging out as the BBQ the night before and on the beach and it was just....amazing :) Well first we were at this pool for a bit, drank a shake and then we went down to the BBQ place. Great people. Great fun.

Anyways, we celebrated our last night in Koh Chang which I will definitely go back to. Amazing place. I kind of wanted to get some rest but I wanted to spend some more time with these amazing people before leaving, also before 11 you get free buckets…in Thailand they serve their alcohol in buckets like a kid plays with at the beach. We drank a lot of buckets.

It’s really awkward dancing with them :P 
Lots of buckeys later, I just remember eating like two falafels and going to bed. 

Our taxi bus came and got us at 7 AM this morning and I slept a bit until it got really hot in the car on the boat. So I got out. Once we got to the Cambodian border is when the MASS CONFUSION broke out. I thought we were just stopping for water, so I left my bag in the bus with my laptop and camera and stuff. Thank goodness I ended up getting it back. We went to like 20 different windows for visas and passport control, then took a car to a bus that wasn’t going to the right place and nobody understands what you’re saying. I met a Swedish guy that said he’d been all over the world and never been to a more confusing border. People told us the currency is US dollars here and to apply for a workers visa cause it was cheaper but it was actually more expensive. It cost 40 USD to get into the country. Expensive, I think. Apparently the currency is US dollars but they have a different currency too, so when I went to buy some chips it cost .80 cents and then I got back like thousands and thousands of their currency. I still don’t really understand how that works out…I’ll learn I guess.

There was a lovely lady (smiling above)n that invited me to sit by her on the bus with her daughter, but I didn’t really feel like sitting on a  foot stool several hours so I grabbed a seat the Swedish man had saved for us. When we got out at the resting point where there is food etc. I went to the bathroom and felt like I was back in India. I enjoy a clean bathroom but it’s doable, they aren’t that bad…I guess. When I came out the same lady asked me and an American guy to sit down and treated us to a bunch of food, fruits, and sweets. We didn’t understand each other, but she was so nice. I wish I would have got a better picture. 

People keep telling me the people are so kind and generous here, so that will be nice to experience. They seem to be a bit like that in Thailand too, but there it seems like they still want something (money) from you. Obviously not if you already know them and not everyone but I’m looking forward to see this culture. The best way to see a country really is by bus, Cambodia is beautiful I’m way too tired to take pictures but there are mountains, temples, some poverty, crazy looking cows that I keep seeing doing strange things like running around and fighting each other. Lot’s of cows actually. I don’t think the weird ones are cows, they have really big horns, not sure what they are. Now we’re definitely on the right bus, we have all our things and I think I’ll soon remember the name of the place we’re going. No…something Sakamrville. This is adding to the confusion, obviously haha. 

There, we will meet up with the Finnish guys from where we were living on Koh Chang and we got a ton of recommendations on where to stay and people to show us all the best places in Siam…ville?? I don’t know why I’m having such a hard time remembering the name. Sleepy, sleepy. 


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