Adventure Time

So last night we were so disgusted with our hotel room that we decided to pull an all nighter just to get away from the smell of poop/the gross room. By the time we made it to the usual place, everything was closed. Coincidence we ran into a Dutch guy I made friends with the night before and he was literally the only person sitting with some others at some picnic tables. I was getting really sleepy around 5AM and was going home but I drank some weird energy drink and I still can't sleep:

The Dutch guy named Nick was really funny and a cool friend, he might come with us to Pi.
Ezre (the guy we met on the bus from Bangkok) is going there too so we'll def meet up with him :D

Anyways, we wandered around the whole city exploring all the small alleys and basically just had a lot of fun. We found a crazy jungle in right by this gross/weird hostel we've been staying in, but we barely even ended up staying in our room this whole times...thank god. It smelled and was gross and had some weirdddddd vibes.

I'm about to go book our tickets to Pi, Helen is sleeping and I'm not really sure what happened but something weird happened yesterday. Actually a ridiculous amount of weird things happened here that aren't even anything to mention, I have no idea...

I'm just excited to see some new scenery and meet new, beautiful people.

We tried going swimming 'cause it got really hot, but since it wasn't actually our hotel we had to leave after a couple hours. Worth a shot, and to be fair two hours is alright.

Some weird names for restaurants here :P

And why tf would you have 4 bathrooms with 3 bedrooms?

aaand what is a pizza "slice" ?? 
Mojito for 50B is good though, that's like idk 2 dollars or something.

Some art:


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