I finally got some sleep :D

After checking out this place called Skybar that you had to climb a mountain to get to....there was just a long trail of unevenly built stairs but way worth it. It was probably one of the most beautiful views I'd ever seen and I was with great people. A Swedish girl we had lived next to in Sihanukville..I still don't know how to spell that...and a bunch of other lovely people. I left after one beer to sleep but apparently the party was on all night till sunrise. The people working there said just get up early and come watch it which I should have done...but maybe if we are still here the next time they have an all night party :) The music was like..house? I'm not really sure. I want to do the jungle-trek to the other side of the Island which is called lonely beach. That's where the plankton is. This is more tropical jungle than India, I think. People keep telling me to watch out for snakes. Uhhhhh...I'm sure it'll be fine as long as you don't like step on one or grab one?

I just drank a iced coffee that are so good here, but I like them sweet they put condensed milk in it. The cheapest I've seen them for is .50C and here it's 75C but there's wi-fi and they are playing some gangster rap so that's okay. I already drank it, but I took a picture of the view:

Now I'll go check on Helen. 


  1. They are playing some gangster rap so that's ok. Hahaha i love it <3


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