I've just been at that Utopia place all day, sleepy from weird late-night bowling.
Really weird.
Like hospital lighting X1000 and bowling after Utopia closed at 12.

Today, I've been so sleepy and wanted to go to yoga so I just chilled there at the same place and played guitar and talked to some cool people. The lighting was bad because rain, so it wasn't great for pictures.

The yoga was so good, I'll definitely try to go tomorrow.

I'm wondering when these people that I randomly went to a cave with are supposed to get here, it will be nice to chill with them again they had such good energy. They took the bus, so maybe 5AM like me. At least they'll get to see the monks.

Someone told me the government makes the monks do that, if they didn't they would have actors do it?

I don't know if that is correct.

I guess I will go socialise a little then I'm going to bed EARLY.

The people I came here with are going to vang vieng? I don't know the name, but they're going there tomorrow. I felt that was a little early. I want to see the butterfly garden place and caves here then go on to that next place. Shanti shanti. More yoga plz.


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