The Cambodian Jungle

Yesterday, we got up and ate a fruit-salad with and iced coffee for $2:

Then we got ready to go on the jungle-trek. I would describe it as intermediate rock climbing. First you climb up the mountain, then you have to get down. It felt like we were climbing to Mordor at one point I couldn't get any good picture. The Cambodian nature in the jungle looks like a bunch of house plants. I guess that's where they all originate from? It took about an hour and half to get to a place called Long Beach that had the whitest sand I've ever seen. We found a group of people camping there that were really fun and nice so we swam and read and hung out. Unfortunately my good lens is completely broken now :( So a lot of my pictures are blurry now...

That's where is was like LOTR after the windy stone:

We took a boat-taxi back after sunset that cost 3 dollars. It took about 30 minutes, I got soaked and was only scared for my life like five times. I really wanted to go on a boat ride so I'm not complaining.

Then we were STARVING so we ate a HUGE meal for $3.50:


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