Crazy Stuff

There has been so much crazy stuff happening that I can't even begin to explain.

Anyways I'm staying at this Circus School on top of a mountain where you can see the entire city of Pai (which is a very spiritual, amazing place) I'll take pictures of the place I'm staying at tomorrow.

By the way, the youtube channel is called Abroad.
I've got all the way to Ko Chang...which was like three weeks ago. It sucks cause I really have some nice ones to up in the blog as I'm going...I'll get there.

There was a festival last night where there was this ska band that I saw like three times in Chiang Mai randomly. So random. My night ended up really, really terrible. I thought the festival was on till the sun went up and I woke up by myself in the dark and couldn't even find my way home. Ugh.

Today, I took my scooter to a waterfall then went for the longest, craziest hike up a mountain to see the entire Pai from a mountain. The hike was retardedly long, but I guess it's good exercise. The drive up there on a scooter was fine on the way up, VERY DANGEROUS on the way down. I only fell over three times. No injuries, though.

So now, pictures:

toa in swedish means toilet, haaaahaa


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