Siem Reap

After a stressful few hours getting ready to come here, we finally got here on the night bus that we payed 25 dollars for, but you could have gotten it for 18. We had little time and were not on the main land so we were just lucky to get places on the bus. I slept the whole way, and prefer traveling like that so we already booked a night bus to Bangkok now after an AMAZING DAY. Our bus comes and 2AM and cost $20 for the express bus that takes you the whole way to Bangkok through the border. Always ask specifics, they will always try to trick you, unfortunately. We started off booking everything that needed to be booked and then we went to all the temples. They were so beautiful, and I got so many pictures that I don't even know what to post. It was an expensive couple days with paying a tuk-tuk driver to take us around and the entrance fee of $20 to see everything, still worth seeing. We ended up paying the tuk-tuk driver $15 for the full day. I don't know if we got ripped off or not, but it seemed fair since he was ours for the whole day.

About half-way, we got a bit droopy so we re-charged with some steamed morning glory with garlic and ginger with home made lemon-aid. The total cost was $3 each.

After the temple of faces, we went to the sunset that everyone was hyping. I think it was a little over-hyped, but I guess it was a high point to watch the sunset. Sometimes I just get really high expectations over something, but I had high expectations about the whole day and the temples...and they were definitely met.

We tried to go up with our scarves (you have to be fully clothed to see these temples..and it is HOT) but they told us it wasn't enough, even though we saw a bunch of girl with short shorts ect. they told us to leave. Then this sweet lady gave us the clothes off her and maybe her husbands back I'm not sure where the jean jacket came from. It felt kind of holy like biblical, take the clothes off my back to see the sunset.

Now we are chilling a little before a new night bus back to Bangkok...I'm hoping we have a little time there, I actually really like Bangkok. We'll probably take the day-train so we can see the scenery to the north of Thailand. Then to celebrate the Thai New Year in Chiang Mai where it's the biggest celebration!


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