The best nights sleep I've had the whole trip

Oh my god, I slept like a little princess.
It said it was going to rain today and we are going to some waterfalls, but so far it's been sunny so I hope it stays that way.
We mainly walked around exploring, applied for our visas to Vietnam (70 dollars...)
Did some browsing/shopping.

Why charger on tree?

The money here is like...I took out a million of whatever it's called. So other than being a millionaire, everything cost like 20,000 for a sandwich. It's confusing. My bank won't let me check my balance either, I'm sure it's all good but I haven't even looked in about a month. Oh well.

Mohaha, that picture turned out crazy ^
We went to the night market, then to some really cozy places, one called Utopia where I of course ran into a bunch of people from Pai. They have yoga there, and it's really beautiful!

Opium equipment ^ :O we are in Asia though, I guess.


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