VIP bus to Chiang Mai

We found a lovely, organic essential oil and soap shop in Bangkok, below.

Then we got picked up at the travel agency after eating some street food and getting some mildly defected Levi shorts for 100B (3 dollars). I don’t ever want to shop in Sweden or America again. From what everyone tells me, the clothes in Thailand and the other countries that you buy cheap clothes that are “designer” is that they are actually legit, real products but they have minor defects so they can’t be sold because they are not up to standard. Unfortunately, I have way too many clothes at home and in my bag to go shopping more. From now on I’m going to try to control my shopping habits at home and just use all the money I save to go crazy in Thailand every year. All the clothes are actually extremely stylish or my style anyways. Not like India, ew. 

Anyways, they took us all (200 of us) going to Chiang Mai for the Thai New Year to a gathering point in these crazy VIP double decker busses. Once we got off, we met a new friend Ezra from Portland that we're going to hang out with for a while. 

Here are some pictures of the crazy bus we were on. Like 80s retro party bus with no party, just sleep. All the lights were different neon colours. Such strange bus.

We have gotten a lot of information about the surrounding areas and what to do here, so it looks like we're going to have a busy few days!


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