I've got a bit of a cold :(
I was going to the wednesday market later on today but I feel too sick and will just lay in bed and watch movies. Doesn't sound that great but oh well.

I'm trying to figure out when I should go to Thailand. 
I would like to see Holi (the color festival) on march 6th here in India but apparently Goa is the wrong place to do it and I don't know where everyone else I know here are going to be at that time. Nothing has sounded like a really good plan. Anyways, I'm still finding cheap flights so it's no problem.

I figured I'd rewrite fridays post: 

On friday we got a bike and went to Anjuna. I LOVE TO RIDE THE BIKES! The traffic is a bit chaotic, but it feels way more organic than western traffic that feels hard and rigid...and is still dangerous. Of course people abuse the lack of laws, but people do that even if there are laws. We ate some lunch then went to a day party that was really good. I ran into a few  people that I've gotten to know around here. My friend ran into someone they knew from England which is random, we ended up hanging out with that guy quite a bit later he was cool. 
Then we went by Arambol to get something, stopped by the hotel and ran into the owner of the Mandala where we are staying and an English couple that were getting ready to go home to England. The owner is named Angus and seems to have had an interesting life.
We headed back to Anjuna to Shiva Valley and got a little lost. 

An Indian guy with an Australian accent was lost too so he decided he was going to help us find this place. 
He had done a random good deed and was going to help a drunk guy get from one part of town to another. 
The drunk guy had been on his way to Shiva Valley but decided to go home again. 
The Indian/Australian was driving on the tiniest streets which was pretty dangerous. We made it alive to Shiva Valley but we lost the guy. I think his name was Shyam. We ended up running into him again at the party and he said that he thought the party was really good compared to what he's found before. He said something I resonated with: How can you not dance to this music? The people at these parties are from probably 15-85 years old. 
I've seen some people that look like they could be friends with my grandma, looking really sharp but a bit older and just really getting down to the music. It is such a good atmosphere to have total acceptance of all different types of people. 
There was a Russian couple that were dancing so crazily, I loved them! It looked a bit like aerobics mixed with a Britney Spears video. The woman came to me and said "I want to kiss you" so I said okay and the Indian guy looked utterly shocked. It made me wonder if he'd really been to Australia,  he seemed to have never seen a girl doing what ever they want...

I'm actually feeling more and more like I haven't understood how crazy this country is. Poverty, strange culture around women, like arranged marriage, no contraceptives. There is a lot of hardships here that we can't comprehend just being in Goa.


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