I don't see how anyone could not love this place. The energy is so peaceful. 
It's like a gathering point for people who are trying to grow in consciousness...and also Russian tourists. The only part that isn't pleasant is the poverty, desperate people just trying to survive. Of course you feel like helping but you can't help them all. When people are in that state, they can't think about if they are happy or what their dreams are. In one way that fact makes it seem like they are happier generally. Compared to the sulking, freezing, depressed people that don't struggle in Sweden. Dalma and I decided we would do something nice for people individually. There is this really sweet boy from Nepal that works at this place we are staying. He's going back to Nepal soon so we figured maybe we could just give him a pretty big, nice tip to say good bye. His face is kind and he's always so polite.

Unfortunately we also had a disappointing experience with one of the ladies on the beach selling things. They are desperate and it's sad, but they really harass you too. I was just wanting to be by myself and lay in the sun and it would go maybe 2 minutes between each pushy salesperson. The girl that disappointed us was named Sonja and she lied to Dalma about her husband missing a leg and not being able to work. We had both tried talking to her and  connecting with her so when we saw her husband later on with two legs, it was a big disappointment. Obviously not that he had both his legs but that she lied about it. 

Last night we went to some psytrance party, I'm not a big fan and I was really tired so I think the next time, I'll just hang out at home if it's psytrance. I was trying to understand it, I love all music but I really couldn't understand what was good about it. Dalma said it was just bad psytrance but I'm sceptic. We went to a place called Monkey Valley and while we were looking for a taxi we saw a nice looking Russian guy and decided to ask if he wanted to come, he was cool we all liked him a lot. Apparently he was just on his way to get some soup.

We basically only ate breakfast together today and then we've all done our own thing. That's nice too. Well actually, I was going to meet Dalma at the other beach but I never found her so I just walked back to be here a while. We wanted to go to some temples, but everyone was too tired. I just want to get my 90min "rejuvenation massage" and go to the screening of "the secret". I took some more pictures of that place:


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