That hurt

Good God, don't ever get a bikini wax. 
did my armpits and...the hair was too short or something. 
She should have told me. I don't understand how people do that regularly. 
Anyways, I have just done my regular 4h of yoga today. That's where we do the yoga, under the palm trees listening to the noises of the jungle and the waves of the ocean.

After the morning class we walked to Arambol and hung out with my friends that are here from Sweden. 
They played some cards then I got a ride back to Mandrem from one of the people living there to go to my afternoon yoga class. 
I only ate that huge breakfast and some "masala cheetos" ? Everything is available with masala flavor. I kind of want to go back over there but I don't feel like walking the whole way or taking a taxi either. We all ended up back at our beautiful hut, and we're gonna see what's up with the Norwegian guy. We are getting tired of the quiet and want to move to Anjuno.

There's one of my many buddies from the beach.
There's like three dogs that come to the morning yoga class. They lay on their backs and roll around basically doing dog yoga. So cute, here's another one from the beach.

I've been getting a lot of tips on Ashrams I could go to before I head to the next country. I need to do some more research but I will...the right thing will appear. So my next destination is going to be Thailand.

I know someone that lives there permanently that I will try to get ahold of, he doesn't have fb. And oddly enough the nice guy sitting next to me on the airplane is going there after he was going to Sri Lanka so I figured why not meet up with him? I won't have time to stop by Sri Lanka, but I decided I want to go down to that area (Thailand, Bali, Vietnam etc.) before the rain season get's too intense. 
After I visit all the countries down there I might meet up with Kajsa (one of the Swedish girls that are here) in Nepal then we'll go on to Japan as the last country to visit. A plan is forming :) I will end my entry with a sunset. It was much prettier irl.


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