The Tree House

So yesterday I walked the steepest climb ever, I should get my own scooter. Which I'm going to.
I saw this tree house and thought I'd check it out. It's a place similar to ours but with a lovely (empty) restaurant. Everything looked very clean and beautiful and the people were lovely so my instincts said it would be good anyways. I wonder how a place like that could be empty, though. The prices were like a nicer place in India so yeah everything IS about the same prices as India.

This shake cost 90B (23kr or almost 3 dollars)

This soup cost 100B (26kr)

That's Coco

This girl wanted to play with me all the time, I let her take some pictures with my camera but it's not easy when you're a kid figuring out something not speaking the same language :P

She got these two :)

I felt real grass for the first time in a long time.

Coco chilling in the library.


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