am now dying my hair RED RED.

At Happy Holi this guy had smeared a bunch of blue in my hair and I got the idea that since it looked pretty cool, I’d dye my hair blue. Idk why the picture is sideways, but I can't be bothered to change it since it takes 2h to upload a different one. You can kind of see the blue though. I have had no luck in finding blue hair dye, honestly I can’t even find a place to cut my hair…I’ve been to like five different places and they just say that they don’t know how to cut layers, just a straight line. I really need a hair cut… 
Anyways I’m dying my hair red since I’m traveling and don’t have a job at an office so now I can have what ever hair color I want. I like my blonde hair, but I can always have blonde hair.

Helene and I want to do a detox juice cleanse and I want to start doing yoga again and meditate. I’ve been meditating in my own way this whole trip. I really feel like I have reached a place of harmony that is hard to explain. I’m falling in love with the world and myself every day. I’m feeling so much love and trying to stay completely present all the time.

Tomorrow I will check out the Ashram around here. I did this and NO, that’s not a real Ashram that is a way to make money. 5000 rupees a day, it’s supposed to be free. I’m just going to use this area as my ashram these last days. I’M STiLL NOT READY TO LEAVE I’m going to walk to Palolem and check it out it’s supposed to be a great part of Goa. I obviously need to find internet so I can update my blog. I’m really grateful that I’ve finally taken more pictures too :) Unfortunately internet is sucking so I can’t even put all the pictures I want to up. 26% on the comp…ughhhh.

I’ve been reading an Osho book that Helene has, it’s called Awareness which is a big theme I’ve been working on in my life. I feel a big difference inside me. I’m still, calm, and in my heart all the time. I had a quite a spiritual experience where it felt like I flew up and someone said ”everything is different now”. Since then I’ve been so shanti and calm. I barely talk…like useless talk, of course I still have fun and I love deep conversation and laughing but this useless small talk and chatter in my brain is just gone. So my utter and complete focus is just…now. But yeah when it’s too quiet sometimes I get caught in my own thoughts like some kind of wild animal. Just kidding, I just wanted to write that. But it’s kind of true…it’s hard to still the mind.

Also, I’m completely done with the structure of my Creative Task to get into Hyper Island this fall. I just need to make it really neat now and get all the aesthetics right. That feels nice. I want to get working on some more tutorials, but I really need a good internet connection where I can sit in work in peace. COME ON INDIA get faster internet and wi-fi wherever people live. It would really make things easier...Obviously there are more important problems to fix here than the wi-fi struggle. But it’s real.


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