My last few days :(

I'm so sad to be leaving India. Still excited to see the rest of the world though :)

I really like it in south Goa.
I didn't go to Yoga today to give my body a rest, but I'll go the rest of the days.

I kept the scooter one more day because there was some drama going on and also I really like riding around. I'll see if I can find a good beach to lay and swim and read at. My last few days have been just yoga, exploring, swimming, buying presents for people, which is fun!
I figured I would try it for a change :P

I took a few pictures yesterday:

There are a lot of abandoned buildings, I need to stop being lazy and stop and do more shoots of the abandoned buildings. I like them.

Below, I somehow got up on a mountain and it was beautiful up there. Some off-roading :P

Below here is some church in Agonda.


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