Mountains of Bali

When we first arrived, it was foggy and getting dark. The next couple days were warm and sunny, though :D

This is my heaven.
The air is crisp. Cold at night, warm sun during the day with a cool breeze. 
You can see the milky way from the rooftop where there is a sitting area.
We are living at an organic farm where there is a german couple woofing.
It was really hard not to play with these instruments, it was fun.

We can eat what ever veggies we want, this morning we harvested sweet potato. Everyone here are really great. I love russians so much, they are irreplaceable. Last night we drank a bunch of arrak, which is the local liquor mixed with lemon and honey. We all ended up dancing, the russian woman is a dancer so she was choreographing everyone. It was funny and fun. They also had lights that you could swing around that looked very disco, I believe it’s usually fire that is called poy? It was really fun.

Today, I read all morning in the sun. 
We went and looked at these beautiful guest houses that the owner of this place owns, it’s amazing. They have a 50% off rate right now so it’s a maximum of 20 dollars per guest house, that’s a good price. 

We went to a festival by one of the lakes, tasted some random stuff they were selling and ate lunch for 23000R which is almost two dollars for my meal, a coconut drink, and a coffee. 

And this is more views of the mountain <3

Then we went to a forrest by the lake and now we came back to where we are living. I love my room, it’s white and lets in a lot of sunlight.


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